Effective Project Manager -PMO engagement hinges on clear communication and collaboration. The PMO acts as a support system, offering PMs resources, methodologies, and best practices. Engaged PMs actively seek PMO guidance and utilize their tools and templates. This two-way street fosters project efficiency promotes consistent methodologies across projects, and ultimately leads to a higher rate of successful project delivery.

Key Responsibilities

  • Team leads for large teams or managing one customer with multiple projects
  • Responsible for delivery of assigned module/ components /phases of a project.
  • Responsible for people Management, including goal setting and providing performance feedback
  • Responsible for Status reporting
  • Responsible for guiding the development team.
  • Responsible for estimation, planning, and execution
  • with a specific focus on requirement analysis and design
  • Responsible for Knowledge transfer and arriving at SLAs for steady-state
  • Technical problem-solving skills

Job Requirements and Skills

  • Has a good practical understanding of technology and its application.
  • Good grasp of technology and tools used for development
  • Good design skills and architectural skills in the technical area
  • Fair understanding of project management skills
  • A fair amount of domain expertise gained through working on the application or certification programs (if working in a vertical)
  • Good understanding of the sphere of activities in a horizontal domain
  • Has to manage escalations, and troubleshooting.

Teamwork / Supervisory

  • Volunteers to assist co-workers and cover work for others
  • Works under general supervision with few direct instructions.
  • Carries out routine and semi-routine tasks.
  • Provides input to project-related decisions.

People Interactions

  • Within own team or department at the operational level.
  • Contact with user/customer at peer / first /middle management level.

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