The Data Modeler is responsible for design, development, and expansion of data assets that support the design of all data assets, including data assets that support business Intelligence, transactional, and operational database environments. He/she will also develop, maintain, and support the enterprise data warehouse system, corresponding data marts, and data interfaces between operational systems. The modeler will analyze and review complex object and data models and the metadata repository in order to structure the processes and data for better management and efficient access. Create and maintain the data documentation and be the liaison between multiple teams.

Key Job Responsibilities

  • Supports corporate data assets.
  • Designs, reviews, and maintains data models.
  • Partners with Data Steward on data asset attributes and definitions.
  • Follows established Data Architecture Framework and Guidelines for the design, development, management, storage, access, navigation, movement, transformation and quality of corporate data assets.
  • Performs the data analysis activities to capture data requirements clearly, completely and correctly, and represent them in a formal and visual way through the data models.
  • Creates semantically rich logical data models (non-relational/NoSQL) that define the Business data requirements and are independent of any technology solution (i.e. DBMS.)
  • Work closely with the API COE team to understand the data access APIs for defining data structures
  • Manages the life cycle of the data model from requirements to design to implementation to maintenance.
  • Looks for opportunities to provide data reuse, balancing the issues of centralization and replication.
  • Encourages the Business to manage data as an asset.
  • Requires an in-depth understanding of the Business data needs and the ability to align those Business needs with the overall Enterprise data vision.
  • Evaluates the use of data to the goals and practices of the Business in a way that provides clear results.
  • Assists the ETL developers to help ensure that the Business data rules are implemented correctly and clarifies issues as they arise

Qualifications and Skills

  • B.S. in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or similar with database development experience supporting various applications.
  • Experience data modeling data solutions including but not limited to: ODS, Data Warehouse, Data Integration Hub, OLTP/OLAP, or equivalent knowledge
  • Core competency in Relational DBMS (Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server), Data modeling – ER Studio, Quest erwin or similar Entity Relationship tool.
  • Competent level of understanding of SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, and API’s of assigned modules
  • Excellent SQL skills and demonstrated ability to write complex SQL for purposes of analyzing data and/or evaluating how information needs might be translated into backend structures.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills are required

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